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Home – Back to my WordPress blog.

Mark H. Ryan Pain Journal – A blog documenting my medical condition. Created in hopes that someone, somewhere will be able to help in my correct diagnosis and/or treatment. 1 flip to this coin. If people read/follow along, if they feel inspired, or suffer from the same affliction or similar, we all have an outlet to say NO MORE will I wake up and dread the day to come. We WILL find cause, closure, treatment, and life because we deserve it.

Flowers In My Good Eye – A poetry writing site who’s contents have been around for a very long time. I plan on adding a few new ones if the mood licks my ass just right. They will be listed with the label – 2012… meaning its of the same year that you are reading… and so on… if this site stays up, perhaps we can see the progression of lives and events… as they unfold. Year to year.

A family friend and I started writing, we spouted our lines back and forth between smoke and coffee. We gave ourselves a writing style individually . We used words like fuck, deliverance, and paisley. It was the years of My Good Eye and Flowers In Concrete, what I wrote about all the time.

MY GOOD EYE – is what I used to see the world in. The way I could write about. How I saw it. It was never wrong. It was an EYE. It perceived.

FLOWERS IN CONCRETE – was/is a collective. It was the strands that draped over all of our writing styles and its contents. If anything was questioned, the strands tightened… it was ok. It was Flowers In Concrete. Similar to if at a night club, there was a waiting line… someone who frequent the club scene walks right thru the doors, the body guard questions, the well distinguished entourage would say, “Its ok, they are with me” That’s Flowers In Concrete. It was OUR time to just… get thru.


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