About This Blog?

I’ll keep this section short, this blog will contain everything I think about on a day to day or minute to minute basis. If the mood hits me I might bust out a poem, or song lyric… Or just random thoughts and images… and whatever my mind pops up with.

You ask why?

I don’t have all the answers, nor do I claim to. I do know that in my life, writing is therapeutic. It helps me to map out my own life. As the blog reads – Stuff In My Head. I write because it calms me and allows me to think differently about the world we all reside in. One world under the same sky. Anything from diversity to poetic justice. I can type out anything I want to and it allows me the option to get off the steel rings and on a map that leads to somewhere. It is my outlet. My “muse” if you will.


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