Just sitting out in the living room, I usually write in my bedroom. I thought that I would get a little scenery. To late to sit outside. Perhaps tomorrow I will try that. I am have been having a quite a few bad nightmares. Nothing I tell people specifics and I won’t here today. They ask and I say, you know, the typical. Fear of falling or locked in a room and can’t find out my way out. The honest thing it that is scares me to my very core. They are very different from one another.

Nothing had changed in my diet, different meds for depression but had the nightmares prior. I think its stress. Stress from my job, kids, everything.No different than anyone else. Just cant shake them. and they are getting more graphic. I don’t read or watch gore or read anything of the sort in my spare time. Not my cup of tea.

My youngest son just stopped his game and told me he loved me and hugged me for no reason. Went back to playing his game.

Its what its all about right. Unconditional love. I have everything, people that love me, and I them. These nightmares make me question everything, what I wouldn’t give to get rid of them, and get back to being me. Starting to effect me in my awake times. Sounds like a Freddy Kruger movie (look it up if you don’t know who that is).

More to come later…