Entry # IhaveNOidea

The world seems a little more clearer today then it has in a while. Like going up a prescription set of glasses. I have had a headache all day and it is finally letting up. My back is still on fire but it to is slowly getting better.

I am in an odd sort of mood. Instead of not having anything to write about I find myself sifting thru my thoughts wondering what to write about first. Now not having that wretched headache has loosened the webs and has come forth a mind of thoughts and ideas. Quite the opposite of what people have usually. I am no author or writer but as I said in one of my other posts, if I don’t get the thoughts out they will haunt me later so, on a draft I have a list of things to possibly write about. I might look at this post tomorrow and ask the question, “What was I thinking?” Eh, its MY blog so I guess I will leave it and look back later and possibly laugh.


Usually I don’t write about my dreams because they are personal to me but this one has a hold of me….

I keep having the same recurring dream that I was standing in the middle of my yard and were speaking to a few police about someone stealing a police car. Just then out of nowhere this cop car  comes barreling up, popped the curb and was aiming for the two cops in front of me. Their backs were to the speeding car and I pushed both of them out of the way and started running but I didn’t have time to turn and run so I was backing up as fast as I could. I was forced to stop at the dead edge of the neighbors home made of brick. The car hits me in the legs so hard that I fall forward due to the car severing my legs from my body. Crews were on the scene. disoriented it goes to the classic scene of me laying in the hospital room. everyone I know is there saying prayers and giving thanks that I was still alive. I open my eyes and ask to read a book. Not your typical first words but then the scene changes to me reading and the doctors speaking that the back of my brain was exposed to brick and one half had grown into the other half meaning the creative and the logical were intertwined. It gave me the ability to recall and have an eidetic memory.

They say dreams last a few seconds but this dream has been had well over 100 times. Literally. Not sure if it is a precursor to something to come or just a dream or me needing to really help someone. No one will know unless it becomes full circle.

Ok, bored you long enough.