I am blessed.
Blessed to have not one family but multiple families that love me, and I them.
I have not one friend but I have several, and they are precious to me.
I have my soulmate of almost 15 years. (exactly 2 months from todays date)
I have two children that amaze me daily.
I am blessed.

I wanted to just take a moment and explain how much all of you mean to me, but they just don’t have words for how thankful I am.

They say all the great words have already been spoken, it’s the order of those words that is the key. I have been in a self realization mode lately. My renaissance perhaps. I have been trying to engage with people more. An extra Thank You here and there. Any polite gesture. Lets you know that humanity has a place here. Try and walk up to someone and ask them about a dress they are wearing or wave hi at a child passing by at the local supermarket. Help someone when normally you wouldn’t stop. You would be amazed at their reactions. You might get the occasional empty gesture in return but at least you did your part. You helped. You contributed your humanity. True you might not always get the response you were looking for but there are others that are watching you.

You just might start a trend.