Someone gave us a gift to go eat at Chilies. Sitting in a booth with my best bud Cory, and my wife Kasaundra. Ordered the 3 FOR ME meal. Woh doggie that is some good eats there. Got a Craft Double Burger, house salad and a mini molten cake. Service was exceptional. Went to the one on N. Classen, if you are in the OKC area.

Next up we are going to the bridge overlooking Lake Hefner. Again at night due to the temperature. Oklahoma has been an increasingly hateful summer, just scorching.

There is something about the bridge over the water. Everything just stops. All you hear is the waves handshaking the rocks, yet the stillness in itself is so mesmerizing. Your troubles take a back seat. You just exists to view the painting laid out before you.

We spoke about life experiences, death, life, and dreams. It was almost like sitting at a campfire. How the flames tend to reach down your throat and grab images and produce wonderful memories, thoughts, and ideas.

I never voiced anything looking out at the water, not out loud. I chose to reflect more internally and blog after. I was thinking that ever since I got to Oklahoma I have had many great friends and so many experiences, good and bad. Some friends that I call family. I Left many back in Iowa. I miss them. The thing with life though is that it is ever-evolving. I know there was nothing left in Iowa for me. I had to follow my instincts as well as my heart. I am both glad and sad that I did. No regrets, just painful goodbyes but wonderful hellos.