Just went to Lake Hefner at night due to the heat during the day. It reached 105 in OKC today. Took the kids with us, had a pretty good time. Now its off to the glitz and glamour of… Walmart. lol. Gotta get some pop, or if you call it soda, or coke… wherever you are from. Then its back home. Not a bad little outing.

I like doing things with my kids, making memories. I am a family man thru and thru

My kids talked me into playing a card game called Yugeo (if that is how you spell it) and my youngest thought me how to play it… I said “Wow, this game is awesome! I would pay this again.” They got SO happy! I loved it… the more I played it I then said, “I think I am going to buy my own deck!” they lost it! My youngest said, “Are you serious bro?” The very next day I bought my own hand picked deck. They were 10 cents a piece. I now have my own deck. So cool! I can now duel using my own deck and not have to borrow my kids deck. It is pretty fun I gotta tell ya. Now I have another link with my boys. like I said… making memories.