In the parking lot of the V. A. while Dad is getting physical therapy. Gonna be here about an hour, we were thinking it would take more time because the parking is crazy. It always is. So we wait. No wifi so I am typing into textEdit and will transfer to my blog once internet or wifi is available.

We did this new thing where you go online at and shop your groceries and they have them ready for pickup and even loads them into our van for us! New for us. We will see. We then are going to take my bluetooth earpiece back because it doesn’t charge right. It charges for only 30 seconds and the little red light turns off and a little blue light is supposed to turn on signifies that the bluetooth is fully charged but that damn little blue light never turns on. Pissed me right off when my electronics don’t work right and I can’t fix it. Ggrr!

For those that know me I am a HUGE computer and button geek. Electronics period really. I have… let me count – 27 handheld and computer devices… roughly. Not counting the towers I have to give to people in my neighborhood. My wife it is a sickness, I have a media disease. I probably do but I have learned a great many things for Apple, Microsoft 7, 8 and 10. All various Android, and even distos of linux so It to me is a teaching tool. I have taken apart so many computers I swear I am going to turn into one. Woh, that would be so cool! A human with the google implant in their brain… OK ENOUGH OF THE GEEK SPEAK!

Still waiting for dad, now we are jamming out to bohemian Rhapsody. YES!! Now we are listening to 21 Pilots Migraine. Ahhh… Talk about a something to wake you! That is audio coffee right there! Hey, great title! Ok, will post more later on… rock on!