Ahh, yet another post. Yes, again. You know, I used to think buffalos were mythical. Seriously. Sad but true…. no, what IS sad is I was well in my 20s when I found out they were actually real. I blame the school district’s curriculum. HA!

Ok thought I would open with a joke. True nonetheless but I digress, I haven’t posted anything in a little while. My goal is to post once a day to this blog. Right now I am nowhere there. I feel like Johnny 5 in the movie Short Circuit. NEED MORE INPUT. (I know I am showing my age there) I need to get out more and have more social interactions. More input.

As I posted in my other blogs I build computers for people in my neighborhood for free. 2 of the questions I always get are (1) How much, and (2) Is it stolen. No it IS free and no it ISN’T stolen. I just want to make sure that people, especially children and the elderly have a chance to use one. Hopefully they get the internet and do school work or pictures of grandkids or Skype with out of state friends and family. Whatever gives them joy.

So, that is what I do in my spare time. Hey, nice title for this. I am all out of words now but I will try to be back tomorrow with some fresh ones.