Herein lyes thoughts and concerns that I have about the topic #BlackLivesMatter.


     This topic is very controversial. I don’t do the sensational, confrontational style media blogging, but I DO have a voice, and I have a point of view. I also have the right to allow my vocal chords, as well as a literary vehicle to be used for those items that others use as empty gestures of hate. I would like to think that we all have a fundamental sense of what is right or wrong unless you are one that suffers from a disability or other condition.

     Perhaps I am misguided and moronic to think this way but I WANT to see the GREAT in people. I want to know that the human condition is still functioning. I want to tell people that there is a foundation for them to stand and shake hands or even a nod of respect. I want to so badly. So much in fact that I sit here on my chair and am debating the pros and cons of posting this blog. I am not against anyone. I want to stand united among people and understand different points of view.

The BlackLivesMatter movement is taking America to a more segregated place in my opinion. They are turning back time 800 years to when they were being differentiated by their pigment. Their actions are a hinderance and crippling themselves as a people. I get the frustration although I have never experienced it to their degree. No, I don’t have answers. Just thoughts and I choose to show love thru the blindness of hate.

#AllLivesMatter is more fitting. It includes all races, all colors, all creeds. It isn’t open for interpretation, although I think it should have been universal since the very beginning.

When you add a specific color to your statement or movement, you are in fact separating yourself… instead of including yourself.

…and this is my opinion.