So, I am collecting anything computer related so that I can build up computers and give to people on my street. I just feel compelled to do it. I live on a street that has a lot of kids so I was thinking they could use them for school or whatever they want. There are people that just moved in right across from us. I met them yesterday, they seem really super nice. They were pretty busy so I didn’t visit with them very long but I think once they get settled in, I can see if they need any computers.

I am a people kinda guy. Usually I am the first person to go up to someone and introduce myself. My wife calls me The Welcome Wagon of our street. I like my street for the most part. Some wave as you go past, others keep to themselves, which is totally fine. One day when I was taking out the trash, a gentleman approached me and had a sack of office supplies. Very nice and respectful. He told me that his wife cleans offices for a living and came across some items that they didn’t need any longer. He offered them to me.and I obliged. Turns out that his wife is who I gave a full computer system to. Pretty neat.

I had a weird thing happen to me today. Well, not really. If anyone also follows my pain journal (Yes I haven’t updated in awhile.) Pain Blog Found Here I was getting groceries out of our minivan and carried them into the house. There were quite a few but I make it a point to get them all and not make another trip back outside. Got them in the house and then sat down in my chair in our bedroom and my left arm felt really funny. Not heart attack funny. Different than what is usual for me. I looked down and it was shaking like a parkinson patient. My other arm started doing the same thing but not as much. My first thought was muscle exhaustion. But I have had that before, this felt completely different. It lasted for a long time. I took 3 prescribed muscle relaxants an hour prior. Had to take a 4th one which made me feel drugged. I am prescribed 6 a day. 3 at a time so this isn’t odd for me to take that amount. I fell asleep. Woke up feeling really groggy and everything was swaying. Extremely odd. I was still shaking just not as badly as I was before.

I went live broadcast on YOUNOW Access It Here afterwards but my legs were really feeling odd, they were almost doing what my arms were doing. So I ended my broadcast and am sitting back in my chair in our bedroom. So… yeah. That happened.

I will post more later.

I think I need to lay down.