I have nothing to write about. I was told in writing classes that even if you don’t have anything to type or write about, type that exact sentence. “I have nothing to write about.” This is supposed to open your mind to things. Granted I have a few lines now so I think it is working. I am sitting in Little-Axe Oklahoma at a get together for the 4th of July. Albeit a little early. Should be pretty fun. Lots of people are on the guest list I am told. Its my extended family that if you follow my blog you should know who they are.

Ok, first paragraph done. Not bad, needs more cowbell. Lol. Alright… now to get a topic so I can expound on it, slap a title to it and call it good. Money, from what I am told if I don’t know the topic then don’t write about it, seeings how I never have any money that cancels that out.

Love? Eh, too over-done and filled with cliches. Me? Not something I really want to do. I would rather the reader get to know me in the pages of my blog. Does the topic of Me cater to a certain demographic though? Other then myself, not really. Well, its the only thing in my brain right at the present so I will try to let it flow…

Let this record so reflect that I really didn’t want to write about Me but as you see I had no other choice. Love and Money were off the table. Me. Myself. I. And so we are off…

I grew up the same as any other kid. My mom rocks. She did what she could having a total of six children. Unsure of my dad, never was close to him. I learned as I went. Tons from friends. You ask “What things?” Guy things, you know. Things as simple as taking a leak the correct way. Yes there is a right way and a wrong way to do that. Ask any guy. I never excelled in school other then Drama class. Even then I was backdrop or scenery, never cast as the leading role. Whether it was the art I was lacking or the look, I just didn’t have it. If people could describe me they probably would say (hopefully) that I was a nice guy. Easy to talk to. Friends with a lot of people, funny, outgoing. Semi smart. Looks like a Greek god, HA, that was a type-o. It was supposed to read “Geek god.” Ok, now that we have that settled. Confusion averted.

I got my GED and accepted to college all in the span of about a month without being in school for over a year. The reason for the GED vs high school? I never really fit in. The teaching curriculum and I butted heads. No fault of the teachers. They more than did their jobs. It is the same with my kids. Ah, kids. I will get to them in a moment. So, the learning. Yeah. That was tough. They just didn’t teach the way my brain worked. Call it a learning “disability” or whatever… it just wasn’t jiving. I would read too many variables to the questions they were asking. Even then to this very day I get nervous taking tests. Like, “Let’s heave in the bathroom a few times and wipe my clammy hands a few more hundred times.” Even still. Its silly I know, if the test isn’t graded or there isn’t a pass fail switch to it, I get an upset stomach. I went to school for the social gathering rather then the pursuit of knowledge. Yes, if I could I would call a do-over if I had a choice to change it. Now realizing that knowledge is way more powerful then anything else on earth.

I met my wife, you guessed it. On the internet. It’s been 15 years now. A Yahoo chat room to be specific. We just started talking, and talking and… again talking. After a while we started chatting on the phone, then a visit to where I was living, Iowa. Her from Oklahoma… with her mom to make sure she or I weren’t ax murderers. RANDOM THOUGHT TIME – I would like to get a tattoo that reads LOVE AT FIRST TYPE. HA! That JUST came to me. Sweet. END RANDOM THOUGHT TIME. Anyways, We have two boys. I have their first names tattooed on me, one on the left arm and one on the right. I chose those places so I will never forget what I am working for, my family. I also have a Ethernet Cable on my left arm and the word, Faithfully, under it. Its from our song by Journey of the same title. My wife has the plugin port for the Ethernet Cable and the words HIGHWAY RUN on hers to signify that she did all the driving beings I can’t due to a medical condition.

The rest is a learning experience. Huh… I guess it works. My teacher I mean. If you can’t think of anything to write about, write the words, “I have nothing to write about.” Thank you to the few if any who read thru all the way to the end of this post.

Parting thought –
Sometimes I still feel like scenery in Drama class, just never the lead.