I am not the political type as most of my close friends know. D0n’t get me wrong, I have many Ideas and thoughts, and opinions BUT I don’t post them on Facebook, scream it from the rooftops, and I don’t follow, or I try not to follow politics because, well… its boring to me, BUT THIS election has me scared to death! This blog post will in no way tell the reader what side I am “rooting for.” If any. Quite frankly I know people that have lost friends because of differences with religion and politics. I hold my friends high and I understand this is a red button issue so just take this for what it is, a simple blog post. Simple.

We have essentially two choices. Trump and Clinton. Both very outspoken. Dark closets, lurking mysteries that would make Nancy Drew blush. One is very “Cloak & Dagger -ish.” The other is a mashup of every cartoon character but with power and money. They bring a good message of course because that is what they are supposed to do, sell sell sell. They really shouldn’t call it voting, they should just call it purchasing. Its no longer fight the big fight, its who’s pockets are deeper.

What scares me is that both candidates have a checkered past as practically everyone does in the public eye. Like the whole email thing with Clinton. Did she break the law, did she not break the law, who knows? All I know i that when she was a host on Saturday Night Live a while ago, for a politician she makes a great actress, but isn’t that how they are supposed to be? Say what the Americans are feeling, cheers and applause, exit stage left. Runway, land, say what Americans are feeling, cheers, applause, exit stage left… and so forth… but I digress.

Trump, oh gosh where do I even begin. Can you imagine him as showing diplomacy to 3rd world countries let alone anyone for that matter? I read an article that mentions if Trump gets in office, with his vague agenda would add 13 trillion to the debt we are already facing? Whether or not that is true is debatable. The wall… ugh, that damn wall. Are you pro wall or anti wall? It all just seems so… surreal. Granted we need more strict border patrol and more but I don’t claim to know the answers to life’s questions, just a asker of said questions.

Remember, just a blog post. I write from what is called The Stream Of Consciences. Whatever pops up in my head goes from my brain to my fingertips. I know this post is an exact summation of a colossal waste of time reading for most of you but it helps me get words out of my head so they aren’t haunting me later on.

Point blank what I am saying is this –

I understand people are pissed off and I get that. I’m pissed off too.

OK, Common Ground!

Where do we go from here?

Unity. Equality. Everyone has a voice. Something has to happen in the U.S. to be able to be a self sustaining people, capable of making America a formidable power of knowledge and regain the years we have lost to learning from what DOESN’T work and stop doing Einstein’s definition of insanity.