Its so frustrating to see us as a nation, so divided. I get that we are all different and it is our inalienable right to be so under the laws that govern the states we reside in but, to deny a common courtesy because of specific differences is unfathomable to me.

I just… don’t… get it.

Acceptance. Not to be singled out because of a flaw, or preference. To be accepted as a people and not as a minority that is somehow labeled as a second class citizen or even lower. Whatever god, goddess, or force you believe in you have that right BUT HOW you love and WHO you love, no we can`t have that. That in itself is where we draw the line.


“Love was supposed to be universal in every sense of the word, but not anymore.” That isn`t going to be a conversation I will EVER have with my children. I will stand for people and not against them.