Here we are again… tornado season is upon us in Oklahoma. We are under a watch at the present. Living in OKC for so long yet, still makes my ass pucker at the devastation one has and CAN create. I wish my family and friends safe passage while traveling, and those glued to a radio, mobile device or TV piece of mind.

*click, gears changing course*

I have as of late been contemplating writing a book. Not because my life is really all that interesting or that I think my words have a certain flair, but it has been something I’ve always pondered. Then there is the choice between Fiction or Non Fiction. It goes on and on from there. I love writing. Always have, and as time goes on, my want grows from year to year. I have written my fair share of poetry but anymore there is a negative stigma associated to it. Poems where the word, “love” is repeated over and over because there isn’t anything else like it I suppose.

All I know is that I want it to be memorable. Something I can look back on and have a sense of accomplishment. What we all want, to sit back and revel in past, present, and future self accolades yet, I want this to be inspired. From a place I never knew existed. That one still voice that captivates the reader to the point where they close the book, only to find themselves opening it shortly after and whispers to themselves, “OK, one more chapter.”

The ability to breath life in the death of empty pages.