Tonight as well as from here on out we are to stay in a homeless shelter because of loosing our home, and at the time my job due to medical issues. Despite what others might think, I AM a hard worker and WILL pull my family out of this. I hate the whole situation as much as anyone would or should but the hand has been dealt, and we are forced to play the game. I appreciate the generosity of others (you know who you are). That means everything to us. I wish that kindness grew on trees so that we all could remain fruitful.

I do have a job that pays peanuts though so we have some money coming in. Once I am able to get a better, actual computer or tech job or anything else that actually pays, then things would be a little less stressful. Right now I will only cry and scream inside. Do the opposite of what I am supposed to do because obviously what I am doing now isn’t working. My family is the single most important thing to me. I would walk on hot coals to just be able to wipe chocolate from their little chins. They and Kasaundra keep me going. For that I am blessed.

I have seen our family unit go through the ringer, and become closer and more loving to one another. We talk. We confide. We love, and we show it. We aren’t afraid to spend time with each other. I wish more families did these things rather then claiming to be a drama free zone and speaking behind backs. Who offer solutions and hugs rather then negative feedback and sarcasm.