I sit not only amongst death but, of life. Of Service for family and of country. Some might feel that sitting in a cemetery is of simple morbid curiosity, creepy. Especially because they are of people I myself have never known. I know absolutely no one at this establishment, but i think some would like a visitor or two more than they get, if any at all.

The sounds alone are beautiful in comparison to the quote, unquote outside world. The wind is a bit much for my liking but then, i didn’t come here for the wind. I came here because there is something inside me that needs to be released, if not harnessed. You all have heard stories about cemeteries and the negative stigma associated with them. Death. That’s it. But when you think about it, these… beings possess a greater knowledge then any one else. Pearly gates, love, robes, fellowship with those that have crossed over or about to… or just dirt. We just don’t know.

I came here for a type of inspiration you can’t get anywhere else but what I’m feeling is heartache and regret. Not regret for coming but for such a beautiful day, my heart is the only one beating here.