I am so tired of people sometimes. It irritates so much that I just want to live away from everyone for a while. Away from the whispers and the condescension. You ask what brought this on, right? I woke up this way. I had a bad dream and its manifested to physical reality. I guess you can say it’s the start of my perfect “bad” day.

Comments, somewhat hidden under breath but not outside ear shot. Some are little things, some not so much. You never truly know how someone feels unless you are out of the room and they assume you are far enough away… but you are still able to hear them. Yeah, I have heard the “OH, IF I HAD SOMETHING TO SAY THEN I WOULD JUST SAY IT, I DON’T CARE.” That is a crock of shit. I do know that there are usually people that don’t give a bloody fuck and say anything they want to without sparing feelings for anyone, I know they exist but at least they are honest. We are all given the innate ability to talk low, to whisper. We have this for a reason. Not just at Christmas time or surprise birthdays… because we use it to be discreet, and it is no secret that we use this same mentality to our advantage. Build ourselves up while tearing each other down.

No, I am not mad at the world, or any group of people. I love most people. I simply woke up on the wrong side of the couch and haven’t gotten my carpet legs yet. Eventually this soon shall pass. I will eventually hear a story about how someone did “the right thing” or see a powerful video online about someone overcoming their own physical and mental demons and this will in turn change my view of reality and soon after will lead me to think, :There ARE good people in the world.” Until I again wake up on the wrong side of the couch again.