I recently posted for a job for an insurance company. Not sure why I am posting this on my blog but… I ask that same question after many of my posts so I thought, oh well.

In my application I wrote the following to two questions…

Q – What interests you about this position/how does this position fit with your career goals?

A – I have known those around me that speak of the negative stigma that sometimes is attached to insurance companies. I want to assist in bridging that gap. Health is something we all rely on, and that is really the bigger picture. If I can be of use familiarizing people with the plans vs their budgets and shed a different light on it, I believe that I would be of a great asset to the company.

Q – Why do you feel you are qualified for this position?

A – I understand people and the human condition. We all want our voice heard, not just shear volume but really … listen… to what those customers needs and concerns are. If I was on the other end of the phone I would want to speak to someone that is passionate about life, and family, and the calm of overall well being. I would want to talk to me.