Well, I have had a full year to think about what resolutions I’m going to tragically break for next year. Hopefully not though. The polls are closed and the results are in. Its a short list, not because I am lazy or of shear lack of enthusiasm, but I just thought… we all have this arbitrary number of promises we try to keep throughout a span of three hundred and sixty-five days that may or may not effect others.

I read this article from a Harvard professor stating that although about 40% of Americans make New Year’s resolutions, only 8% of us manage to achieve these goals. It was written ages ago that Mark Twain was asked why it was so hard to stop smoking, by which he replied, “I don’t know why people say it’s so hard to quit smoking. I’ve done it hundreds of times myself!”

Sustainability of change. Everyone of us can change, but to sustain that change lays the challenge. How do we do this? Good question. I believe it starts with the object of desire, whether its to stop smoking, or to drink less, or to spend more time with family,  married by motivation, perseverance, creativity. Formula accuracy isn’t my strong suite of course but I gotta fill this blog post up some how.

So, the final cut… in no particular order:

1.  Prepare my mind – Read more and ascertain.

2.  Be a better provider – Mental and physical.

3.  Laugh and smile more – I crack jokes a lot but honestly never really enjoy them myself too much. Not that they weren’t very funny or that I don’t enjoy making people smile/laugh, it just that I have always been known as “the funny one.” It would be nice to not feel as though I have to play that part all the time.

4.  One word – Marathon! I walk with a cane because of some body issues I have but if I gotta crawl or enter a walk-a-thon, so be it. I want it to mean something though, not JUST to do a marathon. Something to benefit someone or something. When I have led my life I want to look back and know that not only did I raise my children the best way that I knew how, treated my wife with respect and love, but that I also had a part in something much bigger than all of us.

5.  Sustainability