I haven’t seen my friends or family for over 6 years. They live in Iowa as well as in Nebraska, and I in Oklahoma. I will be coming back a very different person then I was before. Not only visually different, but spiritually as well.  I have experienced humility, felt pain and loss, and have been stripped of something inside that I don’t think has a name. All I know is that it is something I need to get back.

Spiritually I try to practice Karma… not the theology of Buddhism, but the act of caring and following through with actions without the expectation of reward. To show my children the “right” way. It’s a win win. Even if what I have done or tried to do for the greater good doesn’t get recognized… I still did the right thing and my kids know it. Win, win.

Our trip will consist of six people. Me, my wife, our two boys, and her parents along with a small pet dog that is my wife’s service animal. It will be quite an endeavor.

I just can’t wait to “meet” everyone again. I say that because my family has changed a bit. They have their own lives complete with family units I have never seen before. New experiences that have impacted their lives as well. Last time I have seen my mom, my oldest was 3 and my youngest was 5 months old. Now they are 9 and 6 and can understand the world around them a lot more.

We are going also because we need to. There are family members who’s health isn’t the greatest. We are also going for the laughter, memories, and the creation of more memories.