Went to a “Back 2 School Bash” for the kiddos today. They got backpacks as well as notebook paper, pencil sharpeners and such. It was a little chaotic… but we did it. It was kinda cool, we haven’t done anything together as a family for a little while. They behaved SO WELL, even though they were bored having to stand in line…. a LONG line around a building in the 98 degree heat..  but they powered through it. They start back Monday complete with new haircuts.


I am so proud of them. They actually DO things for each other. They get things the other left behind. They are constantly using conversation and body language to communicate. They are best friends, and that is incredible to me. I was the youngest in my family so I never had that bond that they do. That male figure, so I promised that If I ever had kids, I would always be there for them. I have 3 brothers and one of them I don’t even know anything about… except he is my brother, he was in the military, and he likes REALLY loud music. That is basically it. My dad was away for quite some time so I really was raised by my mom, and sisters (whom I have 2 of. 6 kids total).


Being a dad is the best feeling in the entire world.


Brotherly Love