I have an interview for a marketing position on the 6th of August. It is definitely outside of my milieu but I think it will be a good thing, having some marketing experience and not just customer service and tech support and HTML design.

I already have my A+, still going to pursue my Network+, Server+, and Security+. Backing that with marketing would be even more of a positive spin. Not only can I design what the client needs, I will also understand it inside and out.

The phone interview went well apparently. She stated that I was the first person on her list and she had to call 30 other applicants after me for only 4 slots. If I got a call back then I would be a consideration. That is what this interview on the 6th is about. The job is to greet possible clients. Find out their interests and what it is their company is looking for and try to create a model… and see if we can make it happen for them. We would also offer advice about what kind of profit margins they are looking at generating. I think I have the mental aptitude for the position… its the suit and tie kinda job… but think of the exposure I could get. The things I would learn in their training would be incredibly helpful.