I feel… So, disconnected from everything around me. I am me, but every mirror I look into, isn’t. Am I having an “Identity crisis?” No, or so I don’t think I am. Never had one, nor do I merit the scolastical achievements hanging above my mantle to say otherwise.

All I know is something doesn’t feel right. I used to be open, and funny, or “goofy” and … Now I feel… I feel…

… and this last statement in no way effects my friend’s coma recovery…

but, I feel like I lost my best friend. Something that was a part of me since day one. Its like my brain, heart, and body are having a knife fight and there is too much blood to find out who is the winning… Or loosing.

Yeah. Kind of a bad thought to end on but… My hand is cramped up from typing this on my phone, laptop is too bright so I don’t use it with my wife, and the laptop doesn’t DO moble, Has to be plugged in.

I am ok, just jumbled up.