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I just got done talking to a dear friend. The same friend that back in the day was looking through a stack of CD’s trying to find the cover or jacket sleeve to who did  the song currently playing.. “He did not have a home..” About 20 years and they still have that disc of faith and inspiration… and I can’t find mine. I told her that “It was my prized possession” and… I can’t find it.


She knows where her faith, and her inspiration are and I… have somewhere lost mine.


Perhaps Its located under one of the foreclosed walls I honored my family to protect.

Maybe its within the empty grocery cart I was supposed to fill.

Maybe the end of my cane scooted it off when I was wondering where my faith and inspiration went.and… just not paying attention.


Either way I got to get it back. I just don’t know how, Too many things have happened for me to retrace my steps… and sometimes, you can’t go backwards.