ImageWell over 30 years of memories, all flooding in at once. It’s weird how your mind works. The first thought i had was being in the back of your room downstairs eating hot dogs and trying the hardest to beat Super Mario Brothers. I decided to put in a cassette tape to record us acting goofy. I was always doing that. Using a piece of shit recorder. It would always record us at a higher rate of speed than we were actually speaking so we sounded like the chipmunks. Sadly I have lost that tape in the flood I had living with Marsha at their home. 

Sonny, you mean the world to me. The world. You and Terrance were always my rock… and I can say without a shadow of doubt that without you and T-Bone… I wouldn’t be here today. It feels wonderful to say that after over 30 years of friendship, you are still my best friend. I am really sorry that this happened to you but at the same time I know you, and I know how strong your faith is. I don’t think Jesus wants to eat hot dogs with you yet. You have other things on his list that you still need to do. Fight. Fight like you have never fought… and then fight some more. I love you, WE love you.