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Absolutely the worst experience that my wife and I had in the ER. They were so unprepared for a CODE BLACK. My wife was having issues with stomach pain due to her IUD so her stomach and lower back was very sore. We saw 2 police unlock their cage that existed in the emergency room. They went outside for a few minutes and then went back to their cage and locked it. 3 to 4 minutes after they issued a code black, there was a nurse that came out and said they needed everyone to walk back to a hallway near the main entrance. We went to that hallway; there were NO STAFF anywhere to tell us how far into the hallway to go. We were all disorganized and scared including many elderly and children. NO STAFF to console us or let us know what was going on. No Staff to check on the ER people that came there for various reasons. People were scattered everywhere in the hallway. Among them ER patients in major pain. We tried to console each other and sharing our KFOR 4WARN me app. Some were using the hallway outlets to charge their many devices as we didn’t know how long we would be there. We were in that same hallway for about 30 minutes before they instructed us to go down two floors, Still no staff to help anyone down those steps or to console anyone. I held the door open for everyone. My wife already down the stairs I closed the doors and weren’t back yelled to see if any more people needed to know where our group were because there was still no staff in site. I saw one woman moving very slowly as she was in pain as well, and instructed her where the stairwell was. We made it to the stairwell and started going down to it… yet another hallway. About 45 minutes of being in the second hallway near the cafeteria, water started to flood into one of the door ways. About 20 minutes of this there was one man that placed the wet floor cones. We did see several staff passing back and forth but each seemed to have their own agenda. We were told nothing and when asking these people they seemed clueless. Still more water came under the doorway and no one placed anything down to stop or try to limit the amount of water coming in.

Finally we were instructed to go back upstairs to the auditorium because of the flooding (after about 30 minutes of the flooding). Everyone was so scattered and scared, still no staff to console these people. Due to my wife’s stomach pain, we headed back to the ER where we saw a great many people we shared a hallway with already sitting there. Then an announcement was made for all ER patients to return to the ER. 10 minutes after that the CODE BLACK was cancelled. That seemed to be out of order.
All and all it was very disorganized. The situation should have been handled much better. I walked up to the ER window and asked for a print out of tornado policies and procedures. They acted clueless. They paged a charge nurse and I asked them the same thing. I want the information for their policies and procedures for tornadoes. They told me I have to call risk Management on Monday to get that information but had no phone number to give me.

We left OU Medical Center and went to St Anthony’s and got the care and compassion we deserved. Ironically enough we saw a newscast on NEWS9 that stated OU Medical appropriately executed the CODE BLACK and everyone was calm.

We STRONGLY disagree!