Tornado Donation Relief sites

These are a list of sites that I have been given from friends on Facebook and others. I hope they serve you well and/or grant you more hope. Please share with everyone!

Red Cross

Oklahoma Disaster Relief

Call 211 to speak to a live representative and state please all of your needs.


OK Tornado Document & Picture Recovery

Salvation Army

Radio station frequencies for Oklahoma

I will add more as soon as I get them, until then stay tuned to your
local weather/weather applications via your tablets/other devices.


Radio Stations

KFOR Weather Station Website


Local News Stations

(KFOR, News9, KOCO)

About markhryan

I am a passionate person that loves his family and friends. I just asked my wife.... as we were both laying on the bed listening to music, I asked "Why do you love me?" Her words back to me were ... "The word is tolerate... tolerate."
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