A tornado came thru Oklahoma today, Many lost their lives. Most of them children, That death toll will rise the more search and rescue occurs, sadly.

At around 3pm I called our school to see what the process was for getting our children home. I recieved a text stating that they weren’t releasing them as of yet. I went inside the school to have the boys stick together so that they weren’t as scared. All the children were being so good. Facing the wall, crouched in the head between the legs position.

Walking thru those halls I can’t help but think that they had the same feeling as the schools where the tornados touchdowned. Although I am grateful that my halls weren’t whisping over head as hard as other schools, I am so mournful of my thoughts. How My children lay in their bed asleep, as others lay on gurneys, covered to never to see blue skies again. How can I both love and scorn this entity that people call god.