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I started to work out today. Probably not the traditional way that people do but… baby steps. I have a medial blog as well at http://markhryan.blogspot.com so I really can’t work out the standard way. Some sort of neuromuscular issues. ANYWAYS, I decided to start walking. Almost 5 miles (4.7). I have made a promise to myself that I will, at some point, run. I haven’t ran in years (I walk with a cane). Pretty sick of it. My wife is worried that I might overdo it and she is probably right but. Its how I learn. My ultimate goal is to be in better health for my family. I have two small boys and they need me so much that I need them too. So, I will try to keep as best of a record of my accomplishments and post them here as well as the stats that get auto generated to Facebook from the apps I use on my phone. Here is day one walking –


Wednesday March first of 2013… another of my dreams is to run a marathon… but you have to learn to walk before you can run.