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I just don’t understand some of these posts on social media anymore. I just saw that infamous “picture with text” that makes up 97% of Facebook – of an old man who looks like they are about to have a heart attack. On the picture there are the words – “Click share if you hate cancer. Ignore if you want your parents to die from it.”
Perhaps they were trying to convey that Cancer is something we all need to be aware of. To bring attention to. In advocacy of those whose voice has been muted. I had a different feeling. One of guilty popularity in crude sentence structure. I decided to blog about it and see what my heart and my brain had to say.

Another picture in which a girl stands at the beach, in a bathing suit. She has mutilated her body with cuts because of depression and self loathing, a cutter sporting fresh bandages. I read a few of the over fifty thousand comments, more now I am sure. MANY were in favor of this girl’s courage to not just go to the beach, but to post on social media about her condition. Others spoke of the inevitable sting the salt water would give the cuts. Some comments even going so far as to question this girl’s capability of being a good mother. The modest paragraph reads below –

” went to the beach the other day, for the first time since I was a child, I didnt wear shorts or anything to cover up, this is a massive deal for me, I hate my body even without the scars, I believe I am fat and disgusting but, I pushed through the major anxiety, shaking and almost crying and made it to the water. Its a big deal, I did it.
This took a whole lot of courage to post..”

I wonder if in stead of the girl with cuts, the picture was a person that wore the scarlet letter of A for alchoholism… and they were pouring out their last drops while clutching a recent sonogram. The caption could read – “I’m sick, but I want to get better. I have to get better.”
How much would those comments have changed… because they are ultimately saying the same thing. I chose to not post the images that I have seen, because I wanted people to read the words and lessen the fuel of judgement.

We all have that inalienable right of free speech… and with that sometimes come the quick tongue.