We are the Ryan Family. Mark is Dad (me), Kasaundra is Mom, Travis is 8, and Carter is 5. We live in a small house in south Oklahoma City with our 6 dogs, 2 cats, and 1 pet rat. 
2012 has been a tough year for us. It all started last Christmas season when we lost our home to foreclosure and had to move. We officially lost the home on Jan 9th 2012. We moved into this new home and our first night here we lost a dog to old age. A couple months after being here we lost a cat. She wondered off one day, never to return. These were hard for us as we are huge animal lovers. 
Meanwhile I lost my job and we got seriously behind on bills. We’ve had a couple eviction scares and lost electricity twice due to non payment. Finally in August I landed my dream job and now work from home. Which is such a blessing! I have a neuro muscular disorder and don’t drive so any job I had we had to take me to and from work. Gas was just an added expense  Due to the medical condition it also made it hard for me to work as this causes me great steeps of pain. So this job is wonderful! Now we are playing catch up on the bills. Made arrangements with the land lord so we wouldn’t lose this home too.
Now to discuss how hard this move was for 8 year old Travis. He loves the new house and our new neighbors who have become great friends for us all. Travis has had a very hard time adjusting to life in a new school! It took him months just to be able to walk into school alone. Everyday wishing and begging for his old school. Travis is already repeating the 2nd grade and failing again. He has a severe case of ADHD and he lacks the focus needed for school work. Travis has been admitted into a hospital of behavioral medicine since November 12th. He is doing well and we hope he comes home next week. 
While Travis has been in the hospital I have missed some work and we are beginning to get behind again. It seems to never end for us. Also 2 of our pets have died since he has been there as well. We are all doing our very best at hanging in there. 
Carter, our 5 year old sure misses his brother!! He just understands that Travis is sick and in the hospital. I am thankful he is too young to truly understand the situation we are in. 
So this leaves us needing some assistance this Christmas. Thank you so much for your time and reading our story!