Went to work, got off work, hung out with the kids, fed them, helped with their homework, read 2 stories to them, well… one from a book they have and the other I made up. Complete with fart noises! They got a big kick out of that! Put them in bed, and I think they just drifted off to bed a few minutes ago. I help as much s I can but I really have to give my wife props. I probably am not anywhere close to being the awesome parent that she is, I try to be as involved as much as I can be and I think I am doing a great job but…

I still try to ask myself every once in a while, “Am I really doing the best that I can? Have I gone those extra steps for my family?” Some days I can say that I have. Other days I don’t think so… but I try harder then so the question allows room for improvement.