This whole Chick Fil A thing has me so bummed, and stunned. Big controversy, but why? Someone in the public eye says something that he had every right to say… and some people hated it. It wasn’t directed at any one person but a classification or distinction of certain people. What he said was that his faith prohibited him from actual human equality. Yeah, that sentence you might have a problem with… and its cool. I believe a different way and that is my right to do so. Still friends? Ok, cool.

Wow, Equality… there is a simply word. Am I better then you? No. We all excel at different things. Do you prefer water to wine? Batman to Spiderman? Mac to PC? Choices of what motivates, inspires, or just plain things you enjoy. We ALL are equals with differences.

We as a country say that to live in America is a bountiful harvest of ideas and dreams. That we as people find solitude in whatever we want to without fear or retaliation or retribution. There is no universal doctrine to go by… no, not the Bible or Koran, or whatever literary scripture is out there. It is just a blueprint for a better life. Its just a design to apply. We all still have to MAKE the building and stop arguing with what love is.


So, in retrospect…

Any 2 people should have the same chance to have what motivates and drives them. We each deserve our own counterpart.